Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kazuri bead Necklace

This Kazuri bead necklace was ten years in the making for me. Approximately ten years ago my husband Jim and I had taken a trip to the north east to see the changing New England fall colors. We had gone into a jewelry/gift shop and all the women were wearing the most incredibly beautiful shiny ceramic beads. Regretably, I did not buy them on the spot! I felt I could most likely find them on the west coast as well. That was a few years before I started making jewelry myself and a few years before I knew how to use the internet (can you believe that), so long story even longer I did not come across those beautiful beads until many years later.
I had remembered the ladies telling me the story of the Kazuri bead coming from Africa. They were made by women on the property of the people who had founded the Flying Doctors service and were living on the same property of "Out of Africa" fame. This women had started to employ women who had no means to support themselves and their children (single moms) and taught them to make these ever so beautiful beads and they are sold at a "Fair Trade" price.
If you are interested in more info on these, they will be posted on my web site in about an hour. (kathieanncollection.etsy.com)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine Necklace

Valentines day Necklace
This necklace is perfect for that little black dress for your Valentines day date. Be sure to also see the matching bracelet and earrings.