Tuesday, July 27, 2010

crazy Post-it lady?

I have had quite a week. I had lunch with my very dear friend who also sells jewelry for me, and got a nice little bulk rate contract from her for earrings for a spa package. Should be fun, I can be as creative as I want to be. It is always great to be with her because she likes my work so well, this time she actually said ,"Oh I love the one around your neck, let me take that as well" ! I am a real girly girl and hate to be without accessories but anything for a sale, right? We went on to have a lovely day, she showed me her new yarn shop in the town she lives in (about 1.25 hours from me) and shopped a bit, which of course always makes for a great day!

Saturday I got a couple of orders from some regulars as well, one piece is very specific how it is to be done, and the other is specific as to style but other than that I have carte blanche!

I also have so many ideas backed up in my head, of course they go on post-its because the back of my head can get pretty cluttered at times, but now my desk is totally cluttered with post-its.

I have this method I use for post-its , I can be anywhere in the house, when an idea strikes, (or it can maybe just be for a grocery item) but anyway, I keep post-its and pens in EVERY room in the house and when an idea hits I write it down and post it to my chest. Well throughout the morning I may have up to 5 post-its sitting all over my chest, It has not been unheard of that someone from the neighborhood or delivery men have come to the door and I have forgoton to file the post-its in their proper room or desk. Do I really have to wonder why my neighbors affectionately? call me the crazy lady?

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