Friday, July 16, 2010

My very second blog ever!

Well here we are again. I have been thinking about the kinds of things I can do in the future, but for now I thought I would let you get to know who I am. My name is Kathie Ann of course and on my last posting I did tell you a bit about how I came to be a jewelry artist, and Oh, I forgot I was going to tell you how I got started on the internet.

To begin with I haven't had anything to do with computers for probably 20 years. My poor husband has tried in vain to teach me and to drag me into the 21st century (It is a bit like husbands trying to teach wives how to drive! A very bad idea). I had pretty much given up on the idea of ever knowing what LOL meant or OMG or any of that very popular lingo, (or is that stuff only used on the cell phone?), but anyway I have a good friend that told me that if I ever had a great enough need for it then I would be able to learn it and she was absolutely right!

So back to how I actually got here. I have been making my jewelry and selling enough through word of mouth , family and friends, and craft shows/home shows to keep myself afloat and to make it worthwhile. I really do love it so much though I probably would make it even if I had to pay someone for the priveledge of doing so, which is probably not a good thing to divulge and I guess it shouldn't go into my mission statement right?

So in the midst of my happy little world of "just enough" along comes my "little" brother with a precious beautiful new life partner. She, as it turns out is also an artist and a mighty fine one I might add, ( see and we just really hit it off and she has become a very special lady in my life! She is many things, family, friend, coach, cheerleader, etc. So, she calls one day and says she and my brother will be up for the weekend and she has created an Etsy site(!

So what was that again I was saying about when the need arises you will learn? She had gone to all that trouble, and truthfully I was a little tired of packing all my stuff and lugging it around to craft shows and home shows so I really was excited to see if I could do this.
Voila! All that worrying for nothing, Etsy is so much fun and sooo easy to do.

Well she wasn't done with me yet! All that was a couple of months ago, and recently she started talking about blogging! I thought she said blabbing and heaven knows I can certainly do that! I haven't been called Chatty Kathie and motor mouth my entire life for no reason. So that brings me to now as to how I got on the internet.

Today I just got a new portable photo lab and I will be playing with that to see if I can improve my Etsy site pictures. I will let you know how that goes.

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